Losing in Roulette - How Does It Happen


Maybe the title of this article is not what you expect to find when looking for strategies to win in roulette, but once you know how to lose with this game you will have the chance to avoid these situations. As a result you will be able to increase your chances of winning more than losing more. In fact, with roulette gambling people have high expectations in winning their bets maybe more than with any other gambling casino table. Find out down below how it can happen for you to lose in roulette:

  • One way to lose is to make straight up bets. This means that you can place a bet (also called as single bet) on individual numbers existing on the board. These types of bets come always with the highest pay outs where the winning amount is 35 times more than the amount you have bet.
  • Playing more than you can afford to lose. This is the fastest way to reach to the limit of bankroll and beyond it as well. It is true that for many gamblers there can be the lucky star shining above them, but there is as well the other category of gamblers who are not that lucky. In fact they lose so much that they are already there to finish the bankroll. In this case you can reach the point where you want to borrow money only to stay longer in the roulette gambling.
  • Another way to lose at roulette is by using a bad strategic system. At this point you should know that not all the systems available are known to work. Some of them are so subtle that they can give you the illusion of winning while there is in fact more losing in the long run.
  • The best way to lose in roulette is to bet on all the numbers. Why? Because covering all the 38 numbers (including the 0 and 00 in American Roulette) will bring you back no more than 35 times the amount you have placed on the number since you need to give back to the house a small part of the amount. Supposing that you have covered the board in an even way, this will only allow losing two or three units per spin, this depending on which version you plan to play.
  • Another method that will get you into losing at roulette table is similar to the one described above: betting on two bets of same kind. It is known as an even-money bet where you can win only one unit with zero profits.

If you stay away from the aforementioned methods, you can obviously increase your chances of winning at roulette table. At the same time, make sure to stay organized with your strategic system and never bet more than the amount you have previously reserved for the gambling activity.

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